Dogs and their owners in New York State can now eat together in restaurants

Legislation has passed in New York State which will allow customers to bring their dogs in to restaurants.

The bill amends the current health code with a new set of requirements for restaurants that will decide it will be dog-friendly.

Among the new regulations restaurants must comply with:

  • No contamination of food
  • No contamination or tainting of utensils and equipment.

The legislation does not require restaurants to allow dogs nor does it automatically give diners the right to bring their dogs to dinner.

The new legislation, passed last week by the New York State Senate is similar to legislation passed in California last year, that also does not include cats.

The Times Union wrote a humorous piece about the new legislation, wondering if it made cat owners upset.

We have called the American Association of Feline Practitioners, which to our great dismay turned out to be a veterinary professionals’ trade group and not an organization of practitioners who are also cats.



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