Dogs with high-tech booties dispatched to help in Grenfell Tower rescue

Specially-trained dogs were called in.

They were needed to help with the aftermath of horrific Grenfell Tower fire in London.

Wearing heat-resistant boots to protect their paws from fire and debris, the pooches helped firefighters comb the charred building for survivors, human remains and evidence.

So far, 30 people are confirmed dead, but Metropolitan Police said over the weekend that number will mostly certainly rise by scores. Officials re-entered the blackened building, but any recovery work could take weeks longer. It’s just too dangerous to continue.

“Sadly that work leads me to believe that the number of people missing, but as yet unaccounted for has risen from yesterday’s figure of 58,” Commander Stuart Cundy said.

Meanwhile, another 19 people are still being treated in hospital.

Around the world, people are still in shock over the devastation.

But paused to applaud the efforts of some heroic dogs.

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