Dogs riding sheep rise above the rest in the sheep herding world

Talk about your lazy watchdogs.

It seems pooches hopping on top of sheep field is an entire genre. And much of it is caught on video.

This dog even yawns from boredom while casually hitching a ride.

“Strange watchdog flock of sheep,” Ejoh Etag posts on YouTube.


There’s also this papillon aboard a sheep.

“Our dog Pico sits on our Sheep Lambikins and licks her ears! Trying to get them to walk together,” Our FunEfarm posts on YouTube.

And, this Kelpie atop a flock.

Writing on YouTube, herdingdogtraining notes, “Eli floating on sheep backs.”

This dog seems a bit skittish about his mode of transport.

Jo Burgess,posted this video of her dog riding on some sheep: “Very random but quite funny to say the least.”

That is, until the bucking begins.

But not quite yet for this big dog.

You have some growing to do, little lamb.

So there you have it. The world’s most unusual collection of sheepdogs.

Main photo Ejoh Etac/YouTube

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