Dogs working in Mexico after deadly earthquakes are search and rescue all-stars

As a pair of devastating earthquakes hit Mexico, rescue dogs are leaping into action.

These pooches are true superheroes in the race against the clock.

They are looking for survivors, but also, sadly, finding bodies.

It is dogged work.

They are doing amazing things.

Including Frida, who has saved 52 people amid natural disasters.

Frida is a rock star, quickly saving 12 people from the rubble in Oaxaca

The internet is in love with her photos.

Decked out in booties and protective goggles.

These dogs are badass.

And, there’s also Titan, who has rescued 26 people and counting.

These animals are working under tough conditions.

And they are receiving so much-deserved social media love.

These are some very good dogs.

Risking their lives, to save others.

And they do what people simply cannot.

Main photo @nahimachoura/Twitter

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