Dolphin jumps into family’s boat, breaks woman’s ankles, punches the daughter

The Frickman family were on the boat to celebrate the 18th wedding anniversary of Don and Chrissie when an unexpected guest crashed the party.

Don and Chrissie Frickman had taken their kids Tristan 12, and Courtney 16, out of the family’s 21-foot Boston Whaler for a California cruise near Orange County.

They stumbled upon a pod of dolphins swimming alongside their boat as they were heading back to Dana Point Harbor. Suddenly, a 350-pound dolphin flipped up into the air and landed inside the boat right on Chrissie.

Her legs were pinned under the dolphin.

Dirk said he had to drag Chrissie out from under the boat. The dolphin also “punched his daughter” Courtney.

After a trip too the emergency, Chrissie learned she had two broken ankles.  Dirk described the incident as bizarre and said that when he tells people about it, no one believes him.

He was relieved that no one in the family got knocked out of the boat. The dolphin had cuts on its nose and tail and was released back into the waters.

Photo credit: Don Dirk


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