Domestic pigeon dyed pink and released into the wild rescued in New York City

Someone completely submerged a domestic king pigeon in pink dye and released it in New York City where it surely would have died if not for a good Samaritan, according to the group now caring for the bird.

Wild Bird Fund is now trying to clean what appears to be hair dye off the very sick bird and issued a warning to people who think it’s cute to paint animals.

“This poor bird has it bad enough as a domestic bird unable to find food in the wild, fly well or escape predators, but being a bright, unusual color makes him even more of a target,” the non-profit posted on social media this week. “He’s also barely more than a fledgling but shows signs of longterm malnutrition.”

But the group said a “kind person” rescued him in Madison Square Park, and he’s now safely in care.

The odd-hued pigeon was found on Monday. Photo: Phyllis Tseng/Wild Bird Fund

The bird has been named Flamingo.

But the group is still trying to bring him back to health from his weakened state and he has trouble keeping food down.

Wild Bird Fund said Thursday it gave him some time to stabilize before trying to remove the dye, but with little success.

“One problem is that the dye has a very strong odor, and we’re concerned for the bird’s respiratory health,” the organization explained. “Birds are highly sensitive to certain fumes, and this pigeon is essentially living inside a cloud.”

At the same time, officials are concerned about him ingesting the chemical through preening.

He’s on medication and also being kept extra warm, being given oxygen and subcutaneous fluids.

Flamingo is still weak and ill from his ordeal. Photo: Alexis Ayala/Wild Bird FundĀ 

Wild Bird Fund also took opportunity to remind people to never dye a bird — and never release domestic birds into the wild. It says dove releases for weddings, funerals and other events are examples of cruelty. Domestic birds have no survival instincts in the wild.

“They will starve or be preyed on,” the group added. “If you see an all-white pigeon in the wild, or any tame bird standing around looking lost, it needs your help. Please catch the bird and bring it to a pigeon rescue or animal sanctuary near you.”

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