Dozens of rattlesnakes removed from under Northern California home

When a woman in Santa Rosa, Calif. spotted something slithering underneath her home, she knew it wasn’t a DYI project.

Instead Sonoma County Reptile Rescue came to the, well, rescue.

“Got a call from somebody that said they had snakes under their house,” the non-profit sanctuary posted on Facebook earlier this month. “3 hours and 45 minutes later This is what I came out with.”

An ophidiophobiac’s nightmare.

Some of the rattlesnakes pulled from under a California home. Photo: Sonoma County Reptile Rescue/Facebook

Buckets and buckets of snakes.

That’s what Al Wolf pulled from beneath the home using a long snake pole and posing the question: “What would you do?”

Big snakes and baby snakes were among those whisked away. Photo: Sonoma County Reptile Rescue/Facebook

At first count, Wolf tallied 59 babies and 22 adults.

They do look cozy. Photo: Sonoma County Reptile Rescue/Facebook

Then he returned a few times before yesterday to check for more.

He counted 11 more snakes — and one very relieved homeowner.

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