Elephant loses trunk in snare trap, but manages to survive

A conservation group in Kenya has stumbled upon something alarming: an elephant without most if its trunk.

Tsavo Trust said its ground monitoring unit spotted the elephant and will keep track of how he adapts to life without his important appendage, which in normal circumstances would make survival tough.

“A bull elephant who has lost most of his trunk, most probably from a wire snare set to trap and kill smaller animals,” the group posted to Facebook today.

While devastating to see, the group says he is not the only one living with such a disability. There are several elephants in the area carrying on without their trunks. They simply drop to their knees to eat and drink. And, this animal appears to be doing the same.

“You can see it is not a new wound,” Tsavo Trust notes. “He has been like this for a long time and is still in great condition – a testament to how hardy and adaptive elephants can be!”

“He has obviously been able to adapt, which is amazing,” the group adds.

The non-profit organization works with aerial teams and also the Kenya Wildlife Service to keep track of the so-called big tuskers in the area, other wildlife and nab poachers.


Photos Tsavo Trust/Facebook

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  1. I just watched a show today on Nat Geo Wild about a young elephant who lost about half his trunk. I know it’s a long shot, but o think this might be the same elephant. This elephant did not lose his trunk from the traps set for smaller animals… he lost part of his trunk from a lion pride. They separated him from his mother, somehow he managed to get away, after the got part of his trunk. His mother and the rest of their family got him out of danger. And he adapted with his new trunk. He almost bled to death, but it healed quickly.

    1. I think I saw the same show…and have wondered ever since what happened to the fella. The narrator said as he got older, life would be a challenge…so sad. But it is good to see a photo like this as it shows that elephants without a full trunk can survive. That is good to know. Hate to see any elephants die unnecessarily.

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