Elephants enjoy 7-day picnic in India’s Kanha National Park

If you go down to the woods today you’re in for a really big surprise.

Or, all week really.

You see, the elephants of Kanha National Park in India are in the midst of a 7-day picnic. A feast of all feasts. But it’s a mega-meal with a purpose.

“They are given a mega feast as per a diet menu and pampered with head and body massage,” a local ranger explained to ANI, Asian News International. “It’s like a health camp for their medical check-up.”

The meal features bananas, coconuts, bread and other delicious food.

Some of the food on the elephant picnic menu. ANI/Twitter

But it’s also a chance for officials to check the health of the animals.

The elephants share the protected reserve with Bengal tigers, leopards, wild dogs, jackals, foxes, deer and other animals in the middle of India.

Madhya Pradesh Tourism applauded the event.

Officials in the park have come under fire in the past.

That’ for using elephants as tourist attractions, such as charging to watch them bathe and using chains.  Sometimes elephants are also ridden by tourists and to monitor for poachers.

The main threats to the species are habitat destruction and poaching.

At least within the park, the animals are protected.

And, the baby elephant dropping and picking up food is too adorable.

Baby elephant enjoy the picnic. ANI/Twitter

Photo ANI/Twitter

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