Elevated food dish gives lift to cat that has trouble eating

Instead of giving up on a disabled, homeless cat one animal shelter decided to get creative.

Utah-based Best Friends Animal Society shared an inspiring video on Sunday of their newest ward — an orange male kitten named Jackie.

Jackie was born about five months ago with a condition called condition called megaesophagus, which is an enlargement of the esophagus.

“This affects his ability to swallow food property and can cause him to regurgitate his meals,” the animal shelter explained. “He’ll need to be fed a special way, with an elevated food dish to keep his throat straight.”

Creativity helped the cat. Photo: Best Friends Animal Society/Facebook

That means, placing a dish on the ground isn’t good for Jackie. (And, creates a mess.)

“One of his caregivers decided to build him this awesome food stand!” the group continued. “We think it’s safe to say he loves it!”

Genius idea.

Jackie is one happy kitty. Photo: Best Friends Animal Society/Facebook

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