Elizabeth Warren’s famous snack snatching dog Bailey gets birthday burrito

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren’s presidential nomination bid was marred by the burrito imbroglio.

You’ll recall the infamous incident last March when the Massachusetts senator’s golden retriever, Bailey, was caught on video swiping someone’s burrito.

Well, Warren made light of it Monday with some solid internet dog content.

“Burrito for the birthday boy,” she tweeted along with a video of one very excited Bailey.

A very excited Bailey. Photo: Elizabeth Warren Twitter

“Who’s ready for a birthday burrito?” Warren can be heard saying off camera.

Bailey, now 3, is seen bouncing up and down, his tail wagging and his tongue out.

“Sit Bailey, sit,” Warren says, laughing.

Finally, she gives him the treat.

Bailey’s burrito. Photo: Elizabeth Warrren/Twitter

“And the burrito,” Warren says as if declaring dog victory. “Yes, yes.”

Bailey was a fixture on the campaign circuit.

The dog gained a huge fan base and of course, spawned an unofficial Twitter account.

And naturally, a reaction for the birthday meal.

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