Elk Crossing: Incredible video shows huge herd of elk running across a road

How did the elk cross the road?

By the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds. Too many to count, really.

But that’s what a crew with Puget Sound Energy in Washington state recently spotted on their way to work — and had the wherewithal to take a video of the amazing animal encounter.

“It’s not often you see hundreds of elk running across a road!” the company posted on Facebook. “This herd of elk was spotted at our Wild Horse Wind and Solar facility last week.”

Little wonder the video has been viewed almost 200,00 times in just a few days.

Elk are migrating this time of year.

And, Washington State Patrol said the I-90 tends to be most impacted by elk passing through and warn drivers to be cautious.

The Wild Horse Wind and Solar Facility is located near Ellensburg in Kittitas County of central Washington.

It has 149 turbines and can generate enough electricity to power more than 58,000 homes.

If you look closely you can see a wind turbine in the video.

Photo Puget Sound Energy/Facebook

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