Emaciated moose at Greater Vancouver zoo euthanized after photos appeared on social media

Disturbing images posted by a zoo visitor of an emaciated moose has prompted the Greater Vancouver Zoo to put the animal down.

The Vancouver Humane Society (VHS) is calling for an investigation into what it is calling poor animal care at the zoo to be investigated by the BC SPCA.

A former zoo employee has alleged there is poor animal care at the zoo, which is located outside of Vancouver in the suburb of Langley.

“The photos of the moose were very disturbing,” said VHS spokesperson Peter Fricker, “but equally troubling are allegations that animals at the zoo have not been receiving adequate care and that a number have recently died.”

Fricker said the allegations should be investigated by the BC SPCA using independent veterinary experts rather than veterinarians paid by the zoo.

VHS is encouraging the former zoo employee to make a confidential report to the BC SPCA.

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