Epic Winter Image: Snowy owl rides ice chunk in Lake Ontario

Gary Cranfield and Betsy Waterman have captured perhaps the most perfect snapshots of winter.

The pair spotted a Snowy Owl along the south shore of Lake Ontario near Oswego, N.Y. Then, the big bird fluttered over to the water, where they found it riding a lump of ice in the Great Lake.

Pure winter.

A female Snowy Owl bides its time on Lake Ontario. Gary Cranfield/Facebook

“Betsy and I had seen this Snowy Owl perched on a post,” Cranfield posted on Facebook. “We watched for a while and tried to get some pictures but it was too far away. We left to warm up and when we came back the wind had picked up and the Owl was gone. As we were walking back to our car we found it, amazingly riding on this loose ice bobbing in the waves. We took pictures for probably 30 minutes. It was very windy and wavy and the pictures just didn’t show what was really happening. I finally thought to take a video which turned out to be the right thing to do. A while later as it was getting darker the Owl took off and moved again to a much calmer spot on the ice.”

Mesmerizing, indeed.

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