This escape cat can’t be caged

Thumbs. Who needs thumbs?

Certainly not Chamallow (or Marshmallow) who has become dubbed “the cat king of escape” for making easy work of lock picking. The cat, which is the mascot of a veterinary clinic in Marseille, France, has been a joy for YouTube viewers since the video was posted online about a month ago. The cat, incidentally, is not normally caged. He was just placed in a couple as the camera rolled.

While he may not have a career ahead as a bona fide cat burglar or the next Houdini, but it hasn’t stopped some from thinking big. “All we need is Morgan Freeman to narrate this video,” one viewer posted to YouTube. “‘Have I told you about the story of my friend, Marshmallow Dufresne?'”

h/t CTV Photo YouTube

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