Even bigger megalodon shark tooth found in Chile

Remains of the extinct megalodon shark, including its enormous teeth, were found in the Atacama desert, near the coast of the Pacific Ocean, in northern Chile. reported Reuters agency.

These and other elements of great paleontological value, such as prehistoric whales, birds, and even unknown species they have emerged in the Bahía Inglesa Formation, about 680 kilometers north of the capital, Santiago.

Pablo Quilodrán, executive director of the Atacama Paleontology and Natural History Research and Advancement Corporation, said:

“We have found different types of vertebrates and without a doubt one of the most striking is a wonderfully large fish, which is a shark, the megalodon, famous for the Hollywood movie (Jaws) “.

“In Atacama, in Chile, Bahía Inglesa is one of the places in the world where its teeth have been found the most,” added Quilodran about this 16-meter-long animal, which fed on whales and lived in warm waters until about eight years ago. millions of years.

The current Atacama Desert is “a natural treasure” ideal for studying the evolution of marine animals and a contribution to scientists around the planet, says the specialist.

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