Even zebras and antelopes love selfies

A German tourist visiting Africa snapped a selfie with a zebra, which has lit up on social media.

The photo, viewed more than 1.7 million times, was posted a few days ago on Reddit and Imgur. 

The caption reads, “Got pulled over by a zebra. Took selfie!” It was posted by a chap who goes by the handle, LongTimeLurker90.

Got pulled over by a Zebra. Took a Selfie ! - Imgur

Some people were upset with the image.

“Relax people!” he responded. “The Zebra was super friendly and got a carrot for saying hello. It let me go with a warning. Here’s another one.”

zebra - Imgur

“I have deep respect for wild animals and know how to be responsible and careful,” he added. “However i have to admit i might have underestimated that Zebras can be harmful. For me it was just another horse in a black and white suit trying to say hello. It was super friendly.”

Then, he posted another image. This time with an antelope.

“I guess animals like me,” he writes. “This curious Antelope wanted to pose for a selfie as well!”

I guess animals like me. This curious Antelope wanted to pose for a Selfie as well ! - Imgur

Probably not a great idea with, say, lion or tigers.

Photos LongTimeLurker90/Reddit

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