More evidence the Mounties always get their man, er, cat

Whiskers was on the lam after a crash north of Regina, Sask. The cat was riding in a Buick LeSabre along Highway 6 early Thursday morning, when the vehicle lost control, went into the ditch and rolled. The female driver and male passenger only suffered minor injuries, but the crash clearly frightened Whiskers, their kitty. The domestic short hair bolted into -30c weather.

Or, as the headline in the Regina-Leader Post delightfully pointed out: “Cat hightails it after crash.”

An RCMP officer from the White Butte detachment spotted the cool cat walking along the highway and whisked Whiskers into his warm patrol car. A spokesman later told CBC that the cat was also uninjured in the ordeal and is “feline fine.”

h/t CBC  Photo RCMP

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