Felix the cat rescued from a plunge into the River Thames

Felix is normally trawling around the offices at London’s Royal Docks.

But on Sunday, the black and white cat was chased by another cat to the edge of the River Thames. That’s where she took an “involuntary dip” in the water, only to be rescued by a cat-loving — and fleet-footed — passerby.

The best part: All of it was caught on surveillance video.

Felix on the wet end of a foot chase/London’s Royal Docks

That’s when a good Samaritan spotted the chaos.

And ran, then lunged to the rescue.

Hero to the rescue of a submerged Felix/London’s Royal Docks.


“There was a time when the waters of the Royal Docks were so filthy, an unexpected plunge would result in a period of quarantine,” Royal Docks explainsBut as if to prove just how well the waters are maintained by the staff of the Royal Docks Management Authority, Felix the RoDMA cat ended up in the drink while bravely engaging in a hostile territorial battle (ie running away) from another cat.”


One wet kitty is pulled from the River Thames/London’s Royal Docks.

Felix may be down a life.

“We can happily report that Felix suffered no injury or trauma,” the Royal Docks said in an update. “She also seems to be completely unaware that the rest of the RoDMA team have been laughing behind her back after the blasé ‘nothing to see here’ routine that followed her dunking.”

See. Not even a thank you.

No biggie. Just saved a life/London’s Royal Docks

This is a more laid back Felix.

Felix the office cat at London’s Royal Docks.

The hero is being lauded around the world.

Turns out, he’s the company’s operations manager.


Also noticed. Cats, even once saved, continue to be cats. You know, indifferent.

Photos London’s Royal Docks

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