File Under Canada: A moose (nearly) walks into a home to watch Olympic bobsleigh

This takes Canadiana to a new level.

On Tuesday afternoon, a moose took in some Winter Olympic action by watching bobsleigh on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Matt Duncombe snapped this image outside his home in Calgary of the iconic national critter (a moose was even featured on a special edition coin) and tweeted to the country’s public broadcaster.

Very much a meanwhile-in-Canada moment.

CBC even replied to the image.

So did Team Canada.

Other critters, by the way, were also taking in the Games in Pyeongchang.

Like this cat.

And this one.

And another.

Canada, by the way, is killing it in South Korea.

By the evening of Feb. 20 (or morning of Feb. 21 local time), the country was third by medal count with 19, including eight gold. Norway was leading the world at the Games with 30 medal followed by Germany with 23.

Photo Matt Duncombe/Twitter

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