Fire crews rescue exhausted, dehydrated dog on Colorado trail

Big or small, Evergreen Fire Rescue saves them all.

In this case one very big, very tired Great Pyrenees after a hike came to a halt in Colorado over the weekend.

The crew heard “dog in distress” over the radio Sunday and jumped into action.

The team used a stretcher to haul an exhausted, but very relaxed looking 120-pound pooch named Kato out of the forest.

“Today’s EFR had a ‘patient’ on the Maxwell Falls trail who was exhausted and most likely dehydrated,” the department reporter Sunday on Twitter.  “About 5 1/2 years old, 120lbs and a fluffy Great Pyrenees named Kato. Good thing Kato’s humans reached out for assistance as they were about 1 mile away from the trail head.”

These are the best humans.

And proves: It really does take a village.

Kato the Great Pyrenees hitches a ride. Evergreen Fire Rescue/Twitter

Fire department spokeswoman Stacee Martin told Denver’s 9 News the volunteers offer their service at no charge and didn’t hesitate in this case. 

“We choose to help animals,” she told the broadcaster. “Doesn’t matter if a it’s a horse stuck in the mud, owls that fall out of the nest … this is something that the community supports.”

A dog rescue on a hike, though, that’s unusual for the area, Martin said. 

“Sometimes in the winter you’ll see more with critters falling through the ice,” she added. “It ebbs and it flows.”

Photos Evergreen Fire Rescue/Twitter

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