First ever Christmas song made for dogs

Dogs are needed at this time of year more than ever.

Especially for those who are by themselves. Dogs give us a lot.

And now someone has done something for dogs.

A song has been created just for dogs, every dog out there.

Raise the Woof! was created with help from Head Vet Sean McCormack, dog behaviourist Carolyn Menteith, 25 people and dogs, and the amazing musical talents of composers Soviet Science and producer Scuta Salamanca at

We know from all our customers how much our dogs have helped us get through the past year. So we did some digging, and based on scientific research (our music producers played over 500 sounds to 25 dogs in a digital focus group) we found the secret to dog pop

The track was mastered at the famous Abbey Road studios.

Raise the Woof! is streaming now on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube or you can help out the brilliant Bristol-based Dudes & Dogs men’s mental health charity by purchasing their limited edition vinyl:

Raise the Woof! stars: Gatsby (Chinese Crested X Poodle) Artie (Flat Coated Retriever) Diesel (Australian Shepherd x Poodle) Bear (Schnauzer x Jack Russell x mix) Noodle (Cavapoo) Blue (Lurcher) Luna (Whippet) Gofio (Black Lab x Staffie) Minnie (West Highland White Terrier)

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