Fish Friday: Sister convinced angler brother caught 20 lb goldfish they flushed down toilet years ago

Hunter Anderson was driving by a pond in Kentucky with his girlfriend when he told her a fishy tail: in the pond, there lives very big goldfish.

She wanted to see them. So the couple stopped and Anderson decided to fish. He used a biscuit from Lee’s Famous Recipe, a fried chicken spot, as bait.

He reeled in what looks like a 20 pound goldfish. Some are calling it too fishy.

Anderson’s sister Cassie captured the moment and posted it on Facebook. She insists it’s not photoshopped.

Cassie Anderson even thinks the fish might have once been a member of the family.

What you are witnessing is NOT national geographic! It is not a stolen image or edited photo!
This is my brother!! Who is holding what could possibly be…. that pet goldfish we flushed when I was 9!!! 😭
…I swear, I thought you were dead bubbles!!! 🐠 lol lol
Caught in danville ky y’all!! Oh my gosh don’t flush your pets!

Photo credit: Cassie Anderson


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