Fish Friday: Truck full of eels overturns on Oregon highway sliming sedans

Highway 101 in Oregon turned into a roadway of slime after live eels slithered in a viscous goo, sliming one sedan that was behind the truck full of the water snakes.

Oregon Live reported that the fish, technically hagfish because they have a head, were loaded in the back of a truck heading for transport to the port where they were destined for Korea. 

The truck driver Salvatore Tragale said he stopped as he was on his way northbound on 101 when he came upon road construction. But when he couldn’t stop in time, containers of eels flew out of the back of the truck and smashed into the southbound lane.

The containers of eels struck a Nissan which then pushed into a Honda CRV and collided into a white Ford Focus. The Focus then struck a Ford truck.

— Depoe Bay Fire Dist. (@DepoeBayFire) July 13, 2017


Photo credit: Depoe Bay Fire Department

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