Fish Friday: UK company bills itself as selling “ethical caviar” by massaging the eggs out of sturgeon

The way caviar is harvested means death for the fish.

Caviar comes from the eggs of the sturgeon fish and for centuries, the roe, as the eggs are called, have been a luxurious food item for the rich.

To get the roe, the fish has to be killed and sturgeon can live up to 60 years.

Now a farm in Leeds in the UK run by a father and son team John and Mark Addy says it has figured out a way to harvest sustainable, ethical caviar.

The production process used by KC Caviar removes the eggs in such a way that the animals can survive afterwards. The roe is taken from the sturgeon by “massaging” the fish.

The facility has a sturgeon holding facilities with individual temperature and lighting controlled rooms.

It uses a patented process from ovulating eggs and the farm says it is working with conservation groups to release sturgeon back into natural habitat around the world.

In 2020, the farm plans to build a “retirement lake” for the female sturgeons who have reached middle age and deserve a well-earned retirement. Visitors will be able to view and feed the 2-4 metre long Sturgeon.

The company estimates that by 2020 there will be 3 million 5-6 year old sturgeon killed by the traditional producers, in an effort to meet the increasing demand for caviar in places like China.

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