Fisherman criticized for catching, but not releasing, epic sized marlin

A big big fish was caught on Australia’s Gold Coast and the reaction from people on social media has been less than congratulatory.

Many commentators say the marlin, which isn’t being eaten, is a waste and akin to hunting animals for the  thrill and not for food purposes.

The Facebook post from Fishing with Scotto, a fishing guide from Great Sandy Straits Marina boasted about the EPIC fish caught off the top of Fraser Island.

The black marlin weighs 1,431 pounds or 649.87 kilograms and was caught by an angler name Rob Crane on a boat called “Too Easy II”.

Crane spent two hours, mostly around sunset, reeling in the fish using a 130-pound tackle.

It was suggested on the FB page that the fish will not be wasted.

“Big game anglers tag and release more than 95 per cent of their catch and in doing so contribute more to the conservation of gamefish than any other group.”

A commenter claimed the fish will be donated to research and not eaten.

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