Fisherman reels in shark but his pitball is able to fend off the attack

A California fisherman who was attacked by a shark was saved by his pit bull who answered his calls for help.

James White thought he had reeled in a big fish but by the time he realized he had brought in a six-foot long shark on to his boat, it was too late.

The shark sank its teeth into White’s leg, puncturing an artery.

ho hooked a six-foot shark was saved by his pit bull who helped pull the shark off his A fisherman in California reeled in more than he bargained for last month when he hooked a six-foot shark.

Luckily for him, his dog was nearby.

After the sevengill shark bit onto James White’s leg, his 1-year-old, 100-pound pitbull came running to his rescue, according to NBC Bay Area.

It took White 10 minutes to reel in what he thought was a big catch. By the time he realized it was a shark, it was too late. While trying to remove the shark from his line, it fell to the ground and bit White’s ankle, puncturing an artery, the report said.

White couldn’t get the shark removed from his leg and called for help. It was his dog, Darby, that answered the call.

Waiting nearby in White’s car, Darby managed to open one of the doors, launched himself at the shark and bit into the shark’s gills, according to the report. But that only made the shark bite deeper.

The dog instead latched onto the shark’s tail and was able to pull it from White’s leg. White then tossed the shark back in the water.

According to White, the dog definitely saved his leg from more damage, possibly severing the artery it had already punctured.

“He’s been a part of the family from day one,” he told the news site. “Just now a little more. If it wasn’t for him I would have been a lot worse.”

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