Five adorable orphaned fox kits rescued in Ohio now at wildlife sanctuary

It’s not clear what happened to their parents, but five itty-bitty orphaned fox kits are now in the care of a wildlife rehabilitation group in Castalia, Ohio.

“We usually start the baby season with a flood of squirrels and bunnies but this year, things are a little different!” the non-profit group Back To The Wild posted on social media Sunday.

It was actually Buckeye Wildlife Solutions that came upon the abandoned kits earlier this month while it was responding to a call from a homeowner about a different critter concern. That’s when technicians found five little foxes snuggling under a porch.

The kits were under a porch in Ohio. Photo: Buckeye Wildlife Solutions/Facebook

Their mother was nowhere to be found. And so, technicians intervened to save them.

“They were rescued from underneath a porch and it was deemed unsafe for them to stay there,” Buckeye explained.

It’s unclear what happened to their mother. Photo: Buckeye Wildlife Solutions/Facebook

“As we follow all of the rules and regulations under the state of Ohio for any wild nuisance control, we like to rescue and get assistance for those that still may have a chance at being released back into their natural habitats successfully!” the company added.

That’s when Buckeye called Back To The Wild.

That group is grateful the fox babies will now get a second chance.

One of the baby foxes being weighed. Photo: Back To The Wild/Facebook

“Foxes may be cute but they are WILD and they deserve to be free,” the group said.

The baby foxes are 100 per cent squee. Photo: Back To The Wild/Facebook

“When we are raising orphaned foxes, we have to work hard to dissuade them from trusting humans. In order to keep them wild, we handle them as little as possible and even refrain from speaking around them,” it added.

Hopefully, in time they can be set free not far from where they were found abandoned.

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