Forget the lame Justice League, this elite animal rescue unit should be in the movies

Justice League made $96 million over the weekend and has a 39% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Many people have called it lame.

But here are the heroes we need, although it’s questionable about whether we humans deserve them.

An elite SWAT team rescued a cat stuck on a cliff in California, they’ve also rescued dogs, horses, birds, ferrets and even chameleons.


;A pet chameleon appropriately named “Chamy” escaped from his habitat and went for a stroll for 3 days… up a 5 story building!

SMART members Annette Ramirez, Hugh Briefman, Hoang Dinh, Ramon Garcia and Armando Navarrete. ascended 5 flights of stairs with heavy gear to set up a dual rappel off the roof of the building.

Two solid anchors where chosen and the rescue mission was on. Dinh was able to reach Chamy while Ramon prepared in case Chamy went his way. Within minutes, Chamy was in the rescue net and on his way down.

The LA Animal Services SMARTeam is composed of some real badasses, able to rappel steep cliff rock, jump off cliffs into raging waters and climb up trees.

Zion, an indoor cat, escaped one night while his family was having a party. The next day, they discovered that Zion was missing, so a search was conducted.

Zion managed to get stranded half way up a 100 foot shear cliff.

Again, SMART memberd responded and geared up and began the “dual” rappel over the 100 ft. cliff.

Since the ground was so loose, it made it difficult to secure their footing, but once the reached Zion, the real task of rescuing her began.

As you’ll see in video, rescuing animals in peril is never an easy task.

In February 2012, the Department consolidated its Small Animal rescue Team (SmART), Department Air Rescue Team (DART), Wildlife Program and Permit Section into one Special operations Unit.

The Department further unified the Small Animal rescue Team (SmART) and Department Air rescue Team (Large Animal Rescue Team – DART) into one join venture now called, the “Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team” (SMART). This reorganization resulted in leveraging staff to do more than one function, as staff was cross trained to support each other. The end result is more staff are available for emergency call outs and Departmental field support. Most importantly, the Department is able to provide increased quality and improved services to the public while maximizing safety and support to our personnel.

The SMART team has a 100% save rate since they began using their specialized training, experience and knowledge for rescuing small and large animals in distress.

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