Fox hunkers down in California bathroom for the night

Call it a real-life case of the quick brown fox jumping over the lazy dog.

Earlier this week, a woman in Ocean Beach, California noticed her dog playing with an unknown animal. At one point, the foreign critter ran into the woman’s house. So, she left a door open hoping wherever it ended up, it would eventually trot on back outside.

But the next day, she got a shock.

“She opened the door to find a fox laying on the counter!” the San Diego Humane Society posted on social media.

And, it had made a bit of a mess.

A humane society officer safely captured the sly fox. It was healthy and released.

“Our Humane Officers have only had about three calls about foxes in their history, so this was a very unique case!” the facility added.

Photo San Diego Humane Society/Facebook

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