Freedom riders … also known as the happiest dogs in the world

There has been so much sad animal news lately, we thought we’d share something upbeat that is getting a second wind on Facebook – although with some lingering controversy.

Late last year, Heather Owen, president of One Tail at a Time dog rescue in Chicago, posted some incredibly moving photos of pooches during their “freedom rides” on The Bark Post.

The headline – “Shelter Freedom Pics That will Melt Your Heart” – didn’t oversell the joy the dogs showed on their car ride from shelter to a “pup’s forever home.”

“All these dogs waited at Chicago Animal Care and Control for a rescue to take them in. Some waited for months, some were saved in their final hour, and all have found loving forever homes,” she wrote.


The story went, as they say, viral. Buzzfeed, Today Show and Yahoo! were among those that picked up the story, much to the joy – and chagrin – of the animal welfare groups, whose pictures were used. Mostly, team members were unhappy that the photos weren’t given proper credit.
“These photos are a result of a lot of blood, sweat and tears and we would love an opportunity to share that with the world,” the CACC’s Transfer Team posted on Facebook. 
So, here are more of the photos.
Thanks One Tail at a Time. And thanks, Chicago Animal Care and Control and its hardworking transfer team.
Photos One Tail at a Time; Chicago Animal Care and Control

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