Friday Fun: Gizmodo reviews treat camera that gives cats and dogs trust issues

For those of us working on a Friday in August, the idea that maybe our pets at home may be having fun should be a solace.

The Petcube bills itself as a “stylish pet camera with a high capacity two-pound container” which holds up to 100 treats.

Upon activation via an app, the Petcube can test your pet’s ability by flinging treats distances up to 6 feet.

In theory, this is how the Petcube should work in this inspirational and aspirational video.

 The reality is different, according to Gizmodo writer Rae Paoletta.

Paoletta describes downloading the Petcube app and the phone can then link up with the device’s camera. The Petcube senses motion in front of it allowing you to see what your pets are up to and also weirdly takes video of your feet according to Paoletta.

The app saves the videos automatically to your phone but the quality isn’t great.

In truth, Petcube’s app isn’t bad, but it’s also not great. There are some issues with scrolling, making it difficult to see the most recent video of your floof. But the app does let you select the distance at which you can fling the treats, which extends up to six feet in range.

Paoletta tested out the Petcube on her cat Artemis and here’s where the trouble began.

The Petcube shot out Artemis’ treats precariously and with abandon, like a frat boy throwing his drink at a guy who wore the same Vineyard Vines zip up as him. The whole thing was like a cannon of delicious nightmares—needless to say, my cat was horrified. Make no mistake, she still ate the treats—but after the incident, she pretty much veered away from the machine.

To read Paoletta’s take on whether she’ll buy Petcube, check out Gizmodo here.

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