Frisky porpoise who likes to rub against humans causes swimming ban off coast of France

Zafar the dolphin likes getting close to swimmers on the coast near Landevennec in France where his amorous attentiosn has led to the temporary closure of the beach.

Mayor Roger Lars said the overly friendly dolphin was rubbing against swimmers and boats. While the dolphin was not aggressive, Lars said it was safest to ban swimming and diving. No one is allowed to get within 3 metres of the dolphin.

Zafar had enthusiastically sidled up to several swimmers who he had then prevented from reaching the shore. One had to be rescued by boat. The incident scared beachgoers, according to the mayor.

One local lawyer told Agence France-Presse he wanted to lodge a legal complaint against the ban because it was excessive.

“How many dolphin accidents have there been in Finistère since our two species have co-existed? None.”

He said it was unfair to dolphins to present them as dangerous or unpredictable.

Local media reported on Monday that the swimming ban had been lifted after Zafar moved away from the coast.

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