Frolicking river otters in Yellowstone might be the best thing you see today

More evidence otters are awesome.

Check out a pair of river otters really enjoying winter in Yellowstone National Park.

Dale Bohlke of the National Park Service took this adorable video of the otters sliding, playing and even sneaking a smooch.

Naturally, the video of them is going viral.

Because, otters.

“There is something amazing about seeing them in the wild!” the U.S. Department of the Interior wrote on social media.

The otters appear to take a dip in the frigid water as the video ends. But they have no problem keeping warm.

And here’s how, according to the folks at Yellowstone:

“River otters’ fur has long guard hairs with interlocking spikes that protect the underfur, which is extremely wavy and dense to trap insulating air. Oil secreted from sebaceous glands prevents water from contacting the otters’ skin. After emerging from water, they replace air in their fur by rolling in the snow and shaking their wet fur.”

Photo U.S. Department of the Interior/Facebook

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