Frowning at cows is a no-no in Bladworth, Saskatchewan

Is that true or as this CBC web story says, that’s “udder nonsense.”

It’s not known where this cow tale first emerged. But if you begin typing Is it illegal to frown…the rest of it pops a cow in Bladworth, Saskatchewan.

The village of 70 people has long lived with this odd story that there is an obscure bylaw that bans frowning at cows.

Bladworth, about 100 kilometres north of Saskatoon, has become a hit on Google and on Twitter.

Bladworth Mayor Ron Bessey  told the CBC people often ask about the so-called bylaw.

Frowning at a cow on Main Street on Sunday? We’ve heard it quite often. The way the story goes, it’s supposed to be a bylaw.”

Bessey says he’s not sure if the frown policy is an urban legend or an obscure and obsolete law that might still be on the books.

h/t: CBC 

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