Fundraising for family of woman who died saving her dog

Friends and family of Meesha-chan Grubisic of Victoria, B.C. were not surprised that the 47-year-old woman would run into traffic to save her dog.

Sadly, that act cost Meesha her life. She died Feb 13 while saving her dog Sailor who had wandered into traffic.

Now her friends are trying to fundraise to help provide for Meesha’s 12-year-old daughter, Ruby.

Meesha was the ultimate care giver. She worked in residential care and ran a doggy bed and breakfast and dog walking business.

A friend of Meesha’s recounted to the T-C that the woman never hesitated to help a dog in need and a few years ago, Meesha saved the life of another dog.

Kimanda Jarzebiak  said Grubisic saved the life of her dog Boo, after he slipped on ice and broke his back three years ago. Grubisic immobilized the animal’s back, attempting to give it mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and getting the dog to the veterinarian.

Three years later, she died saving another dog’s life…The essence of Meesha was if someone needed something she wouldn’t hesitate.”

Friends have set up a fund at Yousharing to help pay for Ruby’s education.

Victoria police are talking to the driver who hit Meesha.

According to witnesses, her dog Sailor ran across the road to see another dog and Meesha called out for him to stop. She went to the middle of the road to pick him up and was struck when she was crouched down.

h/t: Victoria Times Colonist, Yousharing


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