Garter snake rescued after accidentally becoming a dog chew toy

Big or small. Fluffy or slithery. Here’s more proof animal rescue groups really do love them all.

The Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge in Pefferlaw, Ont. recently took in a garter snake patient.

“This young snake was found by a dog who thought it might be a toy,” the rescue group posted on Facebook this week. “Quickly scooping up the injured animal, the dog owner rescued the little snake and brought him to SOH.”

Attention dogs: Snakes are not chew toys. Photo: Facebook/SOHWR

The snake’s injuries included a “significant deviation in his spine” and an open puncture wound.

Injured snake’s Xray. Photo: Facebook/SOHWR

The facility went to work to save the snake.

“Our medical team cleaned and sewed him up and we hoped he would respond well to treatment,” the group said.

One lucky little snake. Photo: Facebook/SOHWR

And guess what? It worked.

It took a few weeks, but the snake healed and was set free.

Call it the snake that got away. Photo: Facebook/SOHWR

“He has just been returned to a garden where he will settle in for the winter and then be ready to resume garden pest control in the Spring,” the refuge added.

And yes, the group really does pride itself on helping whatever creature comes through its doors.

“IT’S JUST A………………….….is not in our vocabulary at Shades of Hope. Whether small or large, young or old, we feel that nothing deserves to suffer. Over 5500 wild lives have come into care so far this year, and although sometimes the best we can do is end their suffering peacefully and pain free, we make every effort to raise, cure or fix them if at all possible,” the refuge explains.

GARTER SNAKE PATIENT This young snake was found by a dog who thought it might be a toy. Quickly scooping up the injured…

Posted by Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge on Monday, October 19, 2020

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