Gas price pressure hits local animal shelter in Arizona as thieves drill holes in shelter van

A a van for the second time in two weeks after it had gas stolen from its tank Thursday morning, Phoenix police said.

Personnel from HALO Animal Rescue, a local shelter located near 32nd Street and Bell Road, were just heading out to Barb’s Dog Rescue, in Sonora, Mexico, to pick up dogs and bring them back before noticing the damage, according to the shelter.

“(Staff) stopped at the gas station to fill up the van and fuel began to leak out the bottom of the van,” Heather Allen, CEO of HALO Animal Rescue, said.

The crew took the van to a local repair shop where they found three holes drilled into the gas tank, Allen said.

According to Allen, the gas theft left a $2,500 bill to cover the damages.

In a post on Facebook, HALO said it’s the second time in 10 days vandals have stolen gas out of the transport vans. The first time the fuel hose was detached from the tank so it was an easy fix.

But the most recent burglary involved drilling holes and breaking the mirror. That delayed a rescue mission to Mexico to pick up 35 dogs.

The organization is hoping donations will come in to help offset the cost of the increased deductible.

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