Gay penguin couple snatches baby penguin from heterosexual penguin parents

A gay penguin couple had to return a baby penguin after snatching the infant from its heterosexual couple.

The fight was so fierce that zoo staff had to intervene when the heterosexual penguin mom and dad tried to grab their baby penguin back from the gay penguins.

Animal attendant Sandie said the custody battle that triggered the fight may have been the result of the homosexual penguins thinking the chick had been abandoned.

Once the neglectful parents realized their chick was in between the gay couple’s legs, a fight broke out.

Munck had to get involved and return the chick back to the parents.

To make the gay penguin couple happy, Munck gave them an abandoned egg to care for.

“Now there is peace and idyll in the penguin plant,” the Zoo said.

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