“Genius” raccoon scales tall bird feeder, unscrews lid, dines like a king

The trash panda quest for a meal knows no bounds.

Indeed, this raccoon’s acrobatics are something to behold.

Kurt Kohlstedt, digital director and a radio producer at @99piorg as well as founder of @WebUrbanist, shared proof on video.

The self-described “design writer, architecture nerd, sci-fi geek & trash panda aficionado” offers the play by play.

“Parkour trash panda climbs around the baffle, hangs from the birdfeeder, then unscrews the bottom with her hind feet to dump out the seeds,” Kohlstedt posted on Twitter.

Let’s call it the Mission Impossible: Raccoon supper.

The target.

The technique.

The dump.

The dismount.

And, the prize.

Epilogue: “What a genius,” someone could be heard saying off camera.

The trash panda unscrewed the bottom of a bird feeder. Unscrewed it. With its back paws while hanging upside down Tom Cruise style.

We may as well welcome our raccoon overlords now.

Photos Kurt Kohlstedt/Twitter

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