Get a new towel. Vets in Australia remove an entire towel swallowed by snake

An 18-year-old jungle carpet python named Monty was taken to an animal hospital in Sydney last week after her owner believed she had eaten an entire towel.

Monty’s family caught her swallowing an entire beach towel. 

To remove the object, staff at Small Animal Specialists Hospital poked around a bit with an endoscope, and then painstakingly pulled out an entire compressed towel that seemed to go on forever.

“In a process that we imagine approximates what children’s magic shows look like in the deepest circles of hell,” the Sydney Small Animal Hospital stated.

One set of hands massaged Monty’s snake belly (difficult to distinguish from a snake chest or snake ass) while another held her noggin and mouth in place, and a final pair begin pulling a damp tube of fabric out.

“Everyone cheers when it’s over. This is understandable because not only have they completed an important medical procedure, but they no longer have to, y’know, continue removing towels wet with gut juice from the fanged maw of a big carnivorous reptile.”

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