Giant pandas stage snowy wrestling match at Calgary Zoo

You know who’s okay with the never-ending polar vortex?

The panda cubs at the Calgary Zoo.

Jia Yueyue and Jia Panpan were caught on video wrestling in their snowy enclosure. The cubs, born at the Toronto Zoo in 2015, arrived in Calgary with their parents last year, are really making the most of an Alberta winter.

Pro-rassling, in fact.

And Olympic gold medal wrestling winner Erica Wiebe would know.

The zoo said the twin cub have been cozy in their indoor habitat during the extreme cold warning that has blanketed the city through much of February, but do enjoy frolicking in the snow.

The video was taken when it wasn’t quite so cold.

Much of the province has been under a deep-freeze where temperatures have dipped below -20C and even more frigid with the wind chill.

But playful pandas really do warm the soul.

Photos Calgary Zoo/Twitter

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