Giant rabbit name Atlas (not Harvey) up for adoption by SPCA

The Scottish SPCA has been inundated with offers after posting that it has a larger-than-life rabbit name Atlas available for adoption.

Remember the James Stewart movie Harvey? It’s about a man who has a 6’5 feet tall rabbit as his best friend.

Atlas won’t be that big but as a continental giant rabbit, this rabbit is going to need a specific home. (Cue: “We’re gonna need a bigger hutch!”)

Atlas is a 7-month-old continental rabbit and he’s already about the size of a westie and still has some growing to do. Imagine a golden retriever size.

He is a very friendly rabbit who loves attention and getting cuddles. Atlas is also an inquisitive boy who makes everyone laugh with his mischievous character.

We are looking for a specific home for Atlas due to his breed and size. A standard rabbit hutch won’t do so his new owner will need plenty of space for him. Atlas needs an owner with the knowledge to properly care for him, so ideally someone who has kept a continental giant before.

The Scottish SPCA doesn’t say exactly how it got Atlas but after posting on social media that he was available for adoption, they’ve been flooded with offers from potential parents who want a giant rabbit in their home.

The SPCA says it has lots of other rabbits up for adoption and it’s going to make sure potential Atlas parents know exactly what they’re getting into.


h/t: Scottish SPCA Facebook


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