Giant-sized outpouring for three Saint Bernard brothers looking for a new home

It was a big ask, but the response was huge.

The Edmonton Humane Society has had more than 200 requests to adopt a trio of Saint Bernard Dogs after announcing Tuesday they were up for adoption — together.

Dog lovers from across Alberta, Canada, the United States and even Australia were touched by the unusual plight of Gasket, Gunther and Goliath, who are so bonded to each other they cannot be separated.

“Due to the overwhelming response, we are closing applications for the time being as we review the ones received and begin to schedule adoption interviews,” the society said in a statement Wednesday, a day after the dogs were put up for adoption. “We are hoping to find a suitable home closer to Edmonton as these dogs have been through a lot of change the last few months, and we want to minimize stress as much as possible for them.”

The facility is “confident” it will be able to re-home the brothers as one big happy family.

The humane society has also learned a lot more about the lovable pups.

Officials found out the dogs are five, not 2-years-old as originally thought. Surprising, since their teeth are in “incredible condition” for such a giant dog breed. People who knew the dogs as puppies also confirmed they are litter mates and have been together since birth.

“They also shared that these dogs do everything together, including eating out of the same bowl, which is something we have noticed during their stay in our shelter too,” the humane society said.

Faces everyone could love.

The humane society also thanked everyone for their help “to connect these gentle giants with their new family.”

And, encouraged anyone who is looking for a new pet to visit their local animal shelter or make a donation to help facilities take care of animals like Gasket, Gunther and Goliath.

The humane society also promised to announce who the lucky owners are soon.

Photos Edmonton Humane Society/Facebook

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