Giant wolf spider carrying mass of babies horrifies men, wigs out millions more with video

Just in time for Halloween, this wolf spider wandered by to scare the dickensĀ out of two guys from Missouri. It wasn’t just the size of the spider that was freaky – it measured about 4 inches in diameter with its legs out – but the creepy crawlers that were hitching a ride.

“Look at the babies on its back!” one man says, as the camera focuses on dozens of writhing spiderlings clinging to their mother’s body.

Dare you not to feel itchy after watching this. Warning: strong language in the video. But can you blame them?

If you’re not too grossed out, you may want to check out more information about the wolf spider compiled by the Missouri Department of Conservation.

“Wolf spiders consume a great many insects that are pests to humans,” it notes. “Although they can bite if provoked, the bites of North American wolf spiders are harmless.”

Bobby Brown, who shot the video and posted it first to Facebook before uploading to YouTube a few days ago, has clocked millions of views. During the encounter he recoiled at first, but then mustered up the courage to save the eight-legged beast, according to The Daily Star.

“I picked her up, and took her outside. I caught a rat snake yesterday also. I took it out back and set it free,” he said.

Photo jesusraybrown/YouTube

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