Giraffe dies from head injuries after being struck in open truck

The SPCA is investigating a terrible accident that happened in South Africa after a giraffe died from head injuries after apparently striking a bridge while the animal was being transported in an open truck.

Photos of the two giraffes blindfolded were first noted on Twitter as drivers on the roadway expressed their astonishment at the sight of the animals were driven and contacted the SPCA.

Eyewitness News in Johannesburg reported the animals were put on the truck after another vehicle that had been transporting them broke down.

Other drivers reported seeing one of the giraffes hit its head as the truck drove under a bridge. 410731Giraffe-jpg

The SPCA’s Rick Allan said one of the animals died of massive head injuries.

All we can ascertain at this stage is severe head trauma. We are continuing our investigation with the view to possibly lay criminal charges against those responsible.” 

The other giraffe was seized and transported to another location.

News of the giraffe’s death quickly spread on social media sparking outrage.

Ferdinand Alexander

Thank you humanity. Another example of the stupidity that is inherent to humans and the beautiful and innocent suffer.

Photo credits: Thinus Botha ‏@thinusb_, Wingate Road Runners @wingaterunners

h/t: Eyewitness News



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