Giraffe kisses dying zoo worker one last time

Mario has worked at the Rotterdam Zoo for nearly 25 years and returned to the zoo for one final visit after getting a brain tumour.

His final wish for his 54th birthday was to visit the zoo before his death.

Although now paralyzed and speaking with difficulty, his expression spoke volumes to his former coworkers.

Many couldn’t say too much because of the lump in their throat at the final visit, according to the Dutch charity Ambulance Wish Foundation which arranged the trip

What got many overwhelmed was the visit Mario made to the oceanarium where he had cleaned for years.

One of the giraffes came up to the bedridden Mario and licked his nose as if to say goodbye, leaving many onlookers with goosebumps at the touching scene.

h/t: Ambulance Wish Foundation/Stichtin Ambulance Wens


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