Gizelle, a dying mastiff, eats fresh donuts, buttered lobsters and meets a cute guy (Lab)

When Lauren Fern Watt’s English Mastiff was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer, she was crushed.

The pair had been through a lot together–college, boyfriends and a move from Nashville, Tennessee to New York City. So when Watt learned that Gizelle had only a few months to live, her sobbing seemed unstoppable until she decided that what she wanted to do was give her dog the best last months of her life.

In a piece Watt wrote for Yahoo, she described how she decided to move forward.

So I decided we would bury our worries in the dog park and create a bucket-list adventure of everything we wanted to do before she died. It was my mission for us to indulge and explore life’s joys. We’d escape the city and search for waterfalls, cook lobster, and nap in the grass. We’d jump in the ocean without towels, just to enjoy the sun drying us, and never stress about details like sand in the car.

Doing a bucket list for Gizelle, wrote Watt, helped her cope with losing her and also gave the pair a pretty fantastic adventure. They ate fresh donuts, Tom and Jerry’s ice cream, hot buttered lobsters, went to a singles dog party and hung out in Times Square. They even took a boat ride to recreate their favourite movie, The Little Mermaid.


Read the sweet adventure they had through Watt’s site. 


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