Go Pro falls from plane into pig pen and then…

If the picture looks strange to you, think of what the pig must have thought when a Go Pro landed in its pig pen.

It must have seem like a UFO when the Go Pro made its way down after falling from an airplane, from the pig’s perspective. Of course, the pig’s first reaction was to try to eat the camera.

Then again, this may be a big hoax, some fancy editing by one guy wanting to generate some youtube traffic.

And yet another theory is this is a commercial for Go Pro of how sturdy the cameras really are. Kind of like it takes a licking but keeps on filming.

The video on Youtube already has 1.8 million views. It shows a Go Pro tumbling from a plane and going down, down, down to land facing upwards at the sun where it is then discovered by a pig’s snout.

The comments so far…

From the pig’s view:

is it finally raining food? nom nom nom nom nom taste kinda wierd nom nom nom” 

To a more existential quote, again from the pig’s viewpoint:

If it cannot be eaten, does it truly exist?”

Some are calling bull on the Go Pro lands in pig pen theory:

The camera takes exactly 30 seconds to fall from a skydiving plane, lands perfectly face-up, and we see NO signs of the plain in the clear blue sky above? The guy has ONE video online. This has got to be a clever editing job of some kind.

Check it out for yourself here:

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