Goodbye Danda-Loo: Only koala at Zoo Miami euthanized after failing health

Just six months shy of her 20th birthday, Danda-Loo was one of the oldest koalas in the world.

The beloved koala at Zoo Miami died on the weekend, euthanized on Saturday after months of failing health. She was being treated with laser therapy for arthritis. Her appetite was on the wane. Despite special feeding and pain medication, Danda-Loo was losing weight. Normal activities became impossible for the koala.

The facility posted the news today on Facebook and its website.

“Zoo Miami is mourning the loss of Danda-Loo, one of the oldest koalas in North America and Europe exceeding the normal lifespan for a female koala of 13-18 years. She will be missed and her passing will leave a void that will result in profound sadness but we are also quite proud to know that we provided the love and care that enabled this beautiful animal to live such a long life.”


Danda-Loo was born in Tampa on Oct. 16, 1995. She arrived in Miami in 2007 as part of the Koala Education and Conservation Program managed by the San Diego Zoo.

Danda-Loo’s death leaves the koala exhibit empty until other koalas become available through that program.


Local media have reported on several other animals deaths at the zoo in recent years, which facility officials said occurred for a variety of reasons.

CBS4 looked at the deaths and found only two cases when “the zoo’s failures led to the unnecessary death of an animal.’’

The vast majority were a normal part of life.

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